8th of December

December update with 50 more repost clips, including quite a number of large & long, re-edited versions of older clips! We got part 2 of the spectacular "Between my Balls" series: tiny Asian faces smothered between huge masses of meaty balls - something you can only see here, at FDDarchive!! And a hot clip of sexy Uma introducing her cute lil' sister Noay (dressed like a cockdoll) to farang for a double-suck-session - for the first time with cockteasing subtitles!! More facial cum-art with ballteaser Bibi, Gagging Gai, slutty beauty Mo, Big Beebee and cool An! A great combo-clip with Ped's early takes (when she only dared to give cock timid kisses) combined with her last shooting when she gagged like mad and allowed maximum throat pumping!! More big-dick-sucking with gorgeous Garfield, Porndoll Pla and bopper Bom! Softcore clips with Big Beebee dwarfing lil' Bom, Pla spreading pussy, Da & Poo walking public at the sea-shore, more girl-girl-takes with skinny Meow & Daw, stunning beauty Bon, muscly whopper Cee, boob-bumping with Ped and Ploy, hot dancer Jenny, lowslung cutie Bum, mega-boobed Gwen and Poo, blonde Nadja, sexy teaser Mai...all this and more, check thumbs below!